St. George Maronite Catholic Church is located in Uniontown, PA, the Fayette County seat. The city lies at the foot of Chestnut Ridge in the Allegheny Mountains, 50 miles south of Pittsburgh. Many Lebanese Maronites, the majority of them from the village of Abdilli in the district of Batroun, settled here in the early 1900’s.  They found the terrain very similar to their native land. Uniontown is a culturally diverse area. A city of only 15,000, it is blessed with parishes representing 3 different rites of the Catholic Church.

In addition to our own Maronite Church there is a Byzantine Catholic Church and 4 parishes of the Roman rite. Each of the 6 Catholic Churches in Uniontown proudly carries on the unique traditions of a different ethnic group. The early Maronites attended the other Catholic Churches of Uniontown, but longed for a parish of their own where they could celebrate their beloved Maronite faith. This dream became a reality in 1927 when the first church was built. It was named for the St. George Church in their native Abdilli. The first pastor was Msgr. Nemetallah El Hayek.

The original, wooden structured church was used for 40 years until 1967 when a new, larger and more modern church was built. The first Divine Liturgy in the new church was celebrated on Christmas Eve, 1967, truly a joyous occasion. St. George has been blessed with a long line of distinguished pastors, each one lending his personal touch and forever leaving his mark on us.  Many physical improvements have also occurred  throughout the years. Included in the latest additions to the church are the beautiful Memorial Rosary Walk and Garden, which were solemnly blessed at the Shrine of Our Lady on June 4, 2000. The statue of Our Lady is the same as the one at the Maronite Seminary in Washington,D.C. A memorial wall in the garden displays plaques placed in loving memory of family members.

Two cedar trees were planted in the spring of 2000 and long awaited icons for the sanctuary arrived in 2002. In 2006, a shrine of St. Rafka was added to the church grounds near the rectory and in 2007, a flag pole, memorial bricks and plaques were also added. The year of 2014               marks the 87th anniversary of our parish of St. George in Uniontown. 

Many descendants of the original families of St. George remain today, in addition to all of the new Lebanese Maronite families that have joined St. George over the years. There are also many non-Lebanese families that have adopted St. George and the Maronite faith.

All are welcome here!  We are always happy and proud to share our church,                      our faith and our traditions.                                                                                                  New growth lies ahead and the parish will continue to thrive.

 St. George Maronite Catholic Church
             Uniontown, Pennsylvania